Visit Invitation Coming Soon


Meet up with him and spend a heartwarming time together.
Visit Invitations will be available after the 10/13 update. Invitation Background Packs will also be up for sale!

✦ Obtaining Visit Invitations
Complete the corresponding male lead's Personal Story 01-01, then go to "Tasks – ACHIV" to obtain the Visit Invitation.

✦ Visit Invitation Overview
1. After switching Invitations in Personal Info to a Visit Invitation, you can instantly enter the interactive interface in "Visit – Chat" through the newly added "Chat Switch" button to increase Affection with the respective male lead.
2. After purchasing the Invitation Background Pack and switching Invitations in Personal Info to a Visit Invitation, you can tap on the newly added "Chat Switch" button on the main screen, then "Change Background" to switch backgrounds.
3. The interactive Invitation Background Pack includes the "Amusement Park," "Aquarium," and "Flower Field" backgrounds. Please see in-game Pack details for more information.
4. Complete the "Reach level 3 affection with any male lead" task in "Task – Main Story" to obtain the "Central Business District" background

✦ Tips from DAVIS
1. Invitation Backgrounds can be shared between all four male leads and can only be applied to Visit Invitations. Changes made will not be reflected in the "Visit – Chat" interface.
2. After 2021/10/25 11:00(UTC+9), all Invitation Backgrounds will be reverted to their original price and will be available until 2021/12/31 04:00(UTC+9). Repeat purchases of owned backgrounds will be automatically converted to S-Chip ×150.