Luke's Birthday SSR ✦ Dark Swirl ✦


Affection grows between childhood sweethearts as they part and reunite.

Time slips away like water, but memories of bygone days still glimmer brightly.

Preserve these moments of happiness, found in the little things in life.

Words are not enough to convey these feelings of warm affection, you watch the seasons pass with him by your side—

Happy Birthday, Mr. Luke Pearce.

✦ "Redolent Nonage" Event-Limited SSR Card Available with Rate-Up

✧ Event Period: 2022/11/28 11:00 - 12/8 04:00 (UTC+9)

✧ Event Details:

1. During the event, Tears of Themis can be used to draw cards from the "Redolent Nonage" Event Shadow of Themis. You will receive Trace of Tears ×1 with every draw.

2. Event card: Draw rate increased for Luke's Birthday SSR "Dark Swirl." The rate-up SSR is guaranteed within 90 draws. Other cards: Luke SSR cards "Shape of You," "Perfect Partner," and "Alluring Gaze."

3. Advice from DAVIS:

-When you have obtained the rate-up SSR card, the guaranteed count will be reset.

-The "rate-up SSR card within every 90 draws" guaranteed count will be carried forward to the next birthday event.