HoHoLuck Limited-Time Event Preview


White Day is coming. Come celebrate it in HoYoLand and create romantic memories with him!

Event Period

2023/3/10 11:00 - 2023/3/20 04:00 (UTC+9)

Event Details

During the event, Attorneys can play the game to restore the original image. Accumulate certain numbers of completed game rounds to receive S-Chips, Event R Cards, Event-Limted Badge, and other rich rewards.

Complete the mini-game 5 times to obtain the following Event-Limited R Cards: Luke "Joyful Bounty," Artem "Gift of Sweetness," Vyn "Dream Building," and Marius "Stamp Relay."

Complete the mini-game 7 times to obtain the Event-Limited "Super Stellan" Badge.

Event Details

1. Attorneys may enter the HoHoLuck Event page via "Event" on the Main Screen to participate.

2. Tap on a picture piece that is next to an empty space to move the piece into that space. Restore the original image to complete the game. Tap on the "Reset" button to randomly scramble the picture pieces again. Tap on the "Show Original" button to display the original image. Tap the button again to return to the game.

3. The number of game attempts refreshes each day at 04:00 (UTC+9). You can store up to 3 tries at a time. If you have left the event page idle for an extended duration of time, please refresh the event page to continue playing.

4. All event rewards will be automatically sent to your in-game Mailbox, potentially after a slight delay. It will be valid for seven days, so please claim your rewards in time!