Code of Flowers Limited-Time Rerun


A secret conversation amongst flowers; a sweet moment shared together.

Code of Flowers Limited-Time Rerun

Event Period: 2023/5/22 11:00 ~ 5/29 4:00 (UTC+9)

During the event, use S-Chips or Fragrant Sweets (obtained from Event Packs purchased from Mall) to flip over random cells and receive the following Code of Flowers Rerun MR cards: Luke "Entrusted Feelings," Artem "Unwilling to Part," Vyn "Focused Gaze," and Marius "Palpitations."

※Advice from DAVIS

- After the event, unused Fragrant Sweets will be converted into Stellin at a rate of 1:100. Please purchase packs reasonably. MR card upgrade items can be obtained by exchanging Gift I in the Mall's Exchange Shop.