"Dreams Rewoven" Event-Limited SSR Available with Rate-Up


The ebb and flow of day and night bear witness to the depths of their love.

The man seeks the faint glimmers of light in this illusory and fleeting world, as he paints his fanciful thoughts with each ruminative stroke.

His heart is pure as he engraves the words of his love. Together in life and death, the lovers' emotions cannot be concealed.

Their passion burns like an unyielding flame. As they entrust each other with their truest selves, the two souls become entwined in an unbreakable bond of love.

Happy birthday, Mr. Marius von Hagen!

✦Event Period:

2023/6/14 11:00 - 2023/6/24 04:00 (UTC+9)

✦Event Details:

1. During the event, use Tears of Themis to draw cards on the "Dreams Rewoven" event page. You will receive Trace of Tears ×1 with every draw.

2. Event card: Marius' Birthday SSR "Eternal Flame" will have an increased draw rate. The rate-up SSR is guaranteed within 90 draws.

3. Other cards: Marius SSR "Fabulous Feast," "Narrow Road," and "Eye of the Beholder."

✦Advice from DAVIS:

1. When you have obtained the rate-up SSR card, the guaranteed count will be reset.

2. The "rate-up SSR card within every 90 draws" guaranteed count will be carried forward to the next birthday event.