Marius SSR ✦ Unchanged by Time ✦


"As long as the serpent is watching over us, we'll spend many more New Years like this, together and happy."

✧ "Snowy Sweetness" Limited-Time Event will be available from 2023/12/15 11:00 to 2023/12/29 4:00 (UTC+9)!

✧ Event Shadow of Themis begins with an increased draw rate for Marius SSR "Unchanged by Time."

✧ The event cards will be added to the Rotation Shadow of Themis at a later date. See future notices for dates.

The twilight sky outside the window is dyed with gentle colors, and the lovers cling tightly to each other. It is a bond called "love" that connects the past to the present...

"Whether it's someone here or elsewhere, I want to tell all of them that I'm much happier than I imagined I ever could be. And that I'm being loved..."