Tears of Themis Version Update


Dear Attorneys,
The all-new version will soon be available! For a better experience in Stellis, the server will undergo maintenance on 10/11 (Tuesday) from 12:00 (UTC+9) to 16:00 (UTC+9). Please restart the game after maintenance is over. Attorneys can go to the requisite app store on 10/11 13:00 (UTC+9) to download the new game client. After the update, Attorneys will not be able to access the game through the client until maintenance ends. After maintenance ends, all Attorneys will receive S-Chip ×300. Please go to your in-game Mailbox to claim them after updating the client. Compensation will be valid for seven days.

Version Update Details:

▌"Dreams of Childhood" Limited-Time Event
After the version update, "Dreams of Childhood" will be available for a limited time. Complete limited-time tasks to obtain the event-exclusive badge, S-Chips, and other rewards. The event Shadow of Themis will also be available, with an increased draw rate for Luke SSR "Persistent Wishes" and Marius SSR "Sweet Wonders." During the event, the "Fairy Tale Castle" background will be on limited-time sale at the Mall. Stay tuned to official announcements for more details.

▌Cozy Reveries Available
After the update, Cozy Reveries will be officially available. Attorneys can unlock Reveries to obtain the Namecard, limited Invitation background, Tears of Themis, and other great rewards.

▌Past Reveries Backgrounds Permanently Available in Cosmetics Shop
After the update, the "NXX Headquarters" and "Forest Night" backgrounds will be permanently available for purchase in Mall - Cosmetics Shop.

▌Birthday System Update
Starting 2022/10/13 00:00 (UTC+9), a new Birthday System will be launched with all-new Birthday Surprises and exclusive Birthday Presents available. Attorneys can go to the in-game Mailbox to receive Birthday Encryption Key ×2. These Birthday Encryption Keys can be used to change your set birth date to experience the Birthday System, then back to your real birth date once more. Log in to the game on your birthday to receive a total of 4 Birthday Presents. Each present will contain Tears of Themis ×1, Energy Drink Family Pack ×1, and skill level-up material for the respective male lead. Stay tuned to official announcements for more details.

▌New Returner System - "Return to Stellis"
The "Return to Stellis" returner system will be available after the version update!
During the event, Attorneys may claim the Reunion Gift after reading the reunion letter, and choose any of the male leads to unlock the event-limited fully-voiced story "Rekindle Warm Memories." You may review the story on the "Reunion Memory" page, where you can also read the reunion stories of other male leads. Please refer to official announcements for more details.

▌"Daily Sign-In" Full Sign Reward Adjustments
Starting 2022/10, "Daily Sign-In" Full Sign Reward will be adjusted as follows:
Monthly Full Sign Reward will increase from 100 to 200 S-Chips;
Monthly Card Bonus Reward will increase from 200 to 300 S-Chips.

▌Mall Interface Improvement
After the update, the overall interface of the Mall will be optimized. "Mall - Monthly Fund" will be added as a sub-category, and the "Monthly Card" and "Investment Fund" sections will be redirected into "Mall - Monthly Fund". The interface of "Mall - Packs" will also be optimized, so that more packs can be displayed on the same page for Attorneys to choose from.

▌Main Story SR Card added to Permanent Shadow of Themis
Marius SR "Under the Silence" will be added to the Permanent Shadow of Themis after the update. Tears of Themis can be used to draw for this card.

▌New Auto Mode for "Fieldwork - Special Consultation"
After the update, Attorneys can set the number of cases (not including Lawsuits) to put on Auto Mode in the subsequent "Special Consultation" events to save time and energy. Moreover, Attorneys can view the newly-added Lawsuit List on the event page to know the number of cases to be completed to trigger a Lawsuit.

▌Main Story Episode 6 A Vicious Cycle (II) Japanese Voices Partially Available
After the version update, parts of the Japanese voice-over for Main Story Episode 6 A Vicious Cycle (II) will be installed. Check it out in-game!

▌Blossom Chapter Audio Resource Download Optimization
After the version update, the audio resources of Blossom Chapter Episode 1 will be retained, while a Download/Delete option will be added for the audio resources of Episodes 2 to 4.

▌Other Adjustments
- Added "Batch Purchase" feature for Mall Packs
- Optimized the "Insufficient Gems" reminder by adding a "Recommended Purchase" button for one-off purchase of recommended items
- Added "How to Obtain" for cards not owned in the Archive, so Attorneys can tap any past event card to know how to obtain it.
- Optimized the description of Daily Privileges on the Monthly Card Bonuses page
- Optimized BGM choice of interactive invitations. After setting an Invitation from the "Visit" series, selected Outfits will have the option to choose between the Outfit's BGM or the default BGM
- Optimized Stellis Task Tracking by adding an indicator for tracking a task across different zones or floors within a map, so Attorneys can pinpoint the task location more quickly

▌Notification of Future Japanese Voice Implementation

Dear Attorney,

Thank you for supporting Tears of Themis.
Due to the long-term impact of the pandemic, considering the safety and work schedule of the voice actors and the staff involved in the recording, our operation team has decided to prioritize the installation of some Japanese voices after giving careful thought.
At the same time, in order to ensure the voice quality of the new content in the future, we will give priority to the installation of the Japanese voice in the Card Stories, Voice Calls, Interactive Stories, Invitations and other systems. Please note that Japanese voices will not be installed in the Main Story and Event Main Stories. Players can also switch to other voice-over languages to experience the story.
We are deeply sorry for impacting your experience. As a gesture of apology, we will issue [Tears of Themis ×15] as compensation to all attorneys. Please go to your In-game Mailbox to claim them.The compensation will be permanently valid.
Since the launch of Tears of Themis, we have received a lot of love and support from our players, and we are very sorry to make such a decision. The production team will continue to work hard to provide a quality content experience for everyone in the future.

The Tears of Themis Team