Stellis Post Office Event FAQ


Q1: What are the countries and regions available for commemorative letter delivery?

A1: The physical reward shipping area for this event only covers the regions in the drop-down list from the form.

Q2: Do I need to pay the shipping fee?

A2: The Organizer will cover the postage, and Attorneys do not have to pay for it!

Yet please note that the potential additional costs (such as tax and surcharge applicable to the delivery of the letter, if there is any) incurred during the shipping process will be borne by the winner of this event.

Q3: What should I do if I can't go back to the previous question while filling out the form?

A3: If any mistake is made, as long the form hasn't been submitted, you may close the form webpage and reopen it to start filling it out from the beginning.

However, take note that no amendments can be made after the submission of the delivery form. Please make sure that all information is correct before submission.

Q4: What is the standard for the language version of the letter?

A4: If the notification mail you received is written in English, Simplified Chinese, or Traditional Chinese, an English version letter will be sent after the form is submitted.

If the notification mail you received is written in Japanese, a Japanese version letter will be sent after the form is submitted.

If the notification mail you received is written in Korean, a Korean version letter will be sent after the form is submitted.

Q5: What is the filter condition of the "about 9,000 winners" in the first round of this event? Do I still have a chance to win the physical reward if I haven't received any notification yet?

A5: The "about 9,000 winners" were selected according to the player's in-game level on 2023/6/14 and Activeness data for the past 365 days. The "Activeness data," to be exact, is based on the player's total number of login days in the last 365 days.

Also, please don't be disheartened if you haven't received the mail for now. A giveaway event will be held on the Tears of Themis Twitter page on 2023/7/1. Join it for another chance to win a special gift!

In addition, all players will have the opportunity to obtain an electronic version of the letter. Please check the social media announcements later for more details!

Q6: Do I have to fill in my real name, or is this name just for mailing purposes? Can I fill in a nickname?

A6: The name is only used for shipping. Attorneys will need to check with the local post office to confirm if a real name is necessary to receive the letter.

Q7: What express will be used for delivery?

A7: EMS (ExpressMailService) will be used.

Q8: How does the commemorative letter look like?

A8: The commemorative letter gift will be the same for everyone, and it includes messages from the four male leads! The only difference is the language (only English, Japanese, and Korean are available).

Q9: In what language do I need to complete the Shipping Information Form?

A9: If the address is in Japan, it can be filled in Japanese or English. Except for that circumstance, all the addresses need to be written in English, which is also explained in the form.

There is no restriction on the language used in filling in the information other than the detailed mailing address in the form.

Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team in-game or via e-mail ( if you have other questions!

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion caused by the event. Thank you for your understanding and support!