Artem SSR ✦ Enshrouded Sunglow ✦


"Lock, load, and fire. I taught you that myself, and you always excelled. If I asked you to pull the trigger, would you do it?"

Fireworks light up the night, and streetlights shine as bright as day. As cold wind shushes the night, all shall be hidden away...

"If after all the days we spent side by side, we are destined to be consumed by love together... I would choose to let you live."

✦ A large-scale themed event, "Enduring Light," is coming on 2024/1/3 at 11:00 (UTC+9)!

✧ "Enduring Light - Artem" Event Shadow of Themis available with an increased draw rate for limited Artem SSR "Enshrouded Sunglow."

✧ This event card will not be added to the Trace of Tears - Adoration Exchange Shop. There are currently no other methods to obtain it after the event ends.