Marius SSR ✦ Path of Thorns ✦


"This is a game filled with deception, where good and evil are often blurred. Are you truly on my side, or are you after something else?"

Snapping shackles and coiling flames. The lonely moon hangs in the sky, illuminating the thorny path ahead...

"Even if we were mere ants, I would rather die after having given my all, instead of perishing in the torrent of time without having contributed anything."

✦ A large-scale themed event, "Enduring Light," is coming on 2024/1/3 at 11:00 (UTC+9)!

✧ "Enduring Light - Marius" Event Shadow of Themis available with an increased draw rate for limited Marius SSR "Path of Thorns."

✧ This event card will not be added to the Trace of Tears - Adoration Exchange Shop. There are currently no other methods to obtain it after the event ends.