"Snowy Reveries" Coming Soon


Beautiful memories engraved in the heart.

"Snowy Reveries" will be officially available on 11/28 11:00(UTC+9)!

"Snowy Reveries" Coming Soon

Event Period: 2022/11/28 11:00- 2023/1/8 04:00 (UTC+9)

Unlock Reveries to obtain the Namecard, exclusive Invitation Background, Tears of Themis, and other rich rewards. Enter the "Event - Snowy Reveries" event page to complete Reveries Tasks and obtain Reveries EXP, increase Reveries level and receive the corresponding level rewards.

1. Regular Reveries

-Regular Reveries will be unlocked after 11:00(UTC+9).

-Reach Reveries level 30 to receive Reveries Discount Coupon. Use it in the next Version Reveries to enjoy discounts.

2. Tiered Pass

-Purchase the Tiered Pass to unlock all of its contents. Reach a designated level to claim the exclusive Invitation Background "Vikya Capital," Tears of Themis, S-Chips, and other generous rewards.

-Purchase "Snowy Reveries" to unlock Tiered Reveries and Pass Rewards. Pass Rewards include Reveries EXP ×1,500 (increases Reveries level by 15), Tears of Themis, "Reveries - Snowy" Namecard, and other rewards.

-Attorneys who have obtained the Reveries Discount Coupon in Cozy Reveries will automatically enjoy a discount when purchasing the Tiered Pass or Snowy Reveries.

-Purchasing Reveries will count towards your Total Purchases progress.