"Love in Flight" Limited-Time Event


▌Event Period:

2/9 12:00 - 2/24 23:59 (UTC+9)

▌Event Rewards:
Participate in the "Love in Flight" event to receive S-Chip ×100, Energy Drink Family Pack ×2, and other generous rewards.

▌Event Access Points:
1. From the Events tab in Announcements, tap on the link in the "Love in Flight" event announcement to enter
2. On the official social media pages, open the "Love in Flight" Event Notice and tap on the event link, then login with your HoYoverse account to enter.

▌How to Play:
1. Gain one point each time the bird passes a building and successfuly delivers a love letter.
2. Valentine's Day Gifts may appear during flight. When collecting Gifts, gain 1 point for Chocolates, 2 points for Flowers, and 3 points for Gift Box.
3. The male leads can offer their protection during flight. Each one has different effects and can only be obtained once per round in fixed order:
1) Luke's Protection: clear 5 obstacles ahead
2) Artem's Protection: will not lose HP the first time you hit an obstacle within the next 10 levels. If you do not hit any obstacles, the buff will wear off after passing 10 obstacles.
3) Vyn's Protection: Gift Boxes will appear in the next five levels
4) Marius' Protection: become invincible for the next 5 levels
4. After passing the building Marius is in, you will enter the Late Night Challenge Mode. How many love letters can you deliver? Come test your limits! There are also unique achievements you can unlock~

▌Ask For Assistance to Increase Max HP:
1. During the event, tap on "Share Event" to obtain your own Invite Code. Invite 3 friends to assist you to gain one bar of HP. Gain another one bar of HP for the first time you share the event.
2. You can only assist other players once per day. Assist attempts reset each day at 04:00 (UTC+9). You can also gain one bar of HP the first time you lend your assistance during the event.
3. How to assist your friends:
Click on your friend's event link, then login to your HoYoverse account and enter their Invite Code to assist them.

1. You can view and collect your rewards under "My Rewards" in the event page.
2. All event rewards will be sent to your in-game Mailbox, potentially after a slight delay.