New Dynamic Invitations Available for a Limited Time


Travel to Lombardia and admire the beautiful sights together. Savor the sweet aroma of grapes and enjoy an exquisite experience.
New Dynamic Invitations for "Romantic Rail Getaway", "Lombardia Travels" and "Countryside Outing" will be available for a Limited Time.

▌Event Period:
after the update on 2/25 to 3/13 04:00(UTC+9)

▌Event Details:
1. You can purchase Artem's Invitation "Lombardia Travels" and Vyn's Invitation "Countryside Outing" for their base prices from the "Romantic Rail Getaway" main event page.
2. Complete the corresponding male lead's Travel Route to purchase his Invitation at a discounted price. You will receive a bonus of S-Chip ×300 upon purchasing an Invitation.
※Attention: You can only select one route of payment. Your selection cannot be changed afterwards.