Artem SSR ✦ Cutie Ollie ✦


"Enough, stop licking me... Ollie, down. I'll play with you once I'm done with work, okay?"

✧ The Limited-Time Event "Fluffy Fuzzy Time II" will be available on 2023/8/24 11:00 - 9/7 04:00 (UTC+9).

✧ After the Event Shadow of Themis opens, Artem SSR "Cutie Ollie" will receive an increased draw rate.

✧ "Fluffy Fuzzy Time II" event cards will be added to the Rotation Shadow of Themis at a later date. Stay tuned to event announcements for schedule details.

Lingering affections and tender touches, a silently conveyed love—

"Maybe things will be different in the future, but my feelings for you will always be as sincere and passionate as the first day we met."