Marius SSR ✦ Sweet Berry ✦


"Miss, look... Berry is bullying me, yet he's acting all innocent. He loves to cause trouble, and he sticks to you like glue."

✧ The Limited-Time Event "Fluffy Fuzzy Time II" will be available on 2023/8/24 11:00 - 9/7 04:00 (UTC+9).

✧ After the Event Shadow of Themis opens, Marius SSR "Sweet Berry" will receive an increased draw rate.

✧ "Fluffy Fuzzy Time II" event cards will be added to the Rotation Shadow of Themis at a later date. Stay tuned to event announcements for schedule details.

Whispered words of admiration, softly and sweetly touching your heart—

"You said it, we're going to live together sooner or later. And it's going to be for the rest of our lives."