Version Update Maintenance Notice


The all-new version will soon be available! For a better experience in Stellis, the server will undergo maintenance on 4/29 15:00 to 18:00 (UTC+9). Please restart the game after maintenance is over. Attorneys can go to the requisite app store at 4/29 16:00 (UTC+9) to download the new game client. Please note that Attorneys will not be able to access the game through the client until maintenance ends. After maintenance ends, all Attorneys will receive S-Chip ×300. Please go to your in-game Mailbox to claim them after the maintenance. Compensation mail will be valid for seven days.

Version Update Details:

▌New Event
The new "Secrets of the Tomb" event is set to begin on 2022/4/29. During the event, Attorneys will set off on a desert adventure and complete tasks to obtain event-limited Invitations, Badges, R cards, and other rewards. The event Shadow of Themis will also be available at the same time, with 4 event SSRs receiving a probability rate-up.

▌"Oasis Reveries" will soon be available
After the version update, Attorneys can unlock Reveries to obtain the Namecard, limited-time Invitation Background, Tears of Themis, and other great rewards.

▌Event Cards and Probability Increase
After the 2022/4/29 update, the "4 SSR Event Shadow of Themis" will take on a new form (other Event Shadow of Themis, Shadow of Themis - Permanent, and Shadow of Themis - Rotation will not be affected)
Probability Explained:
- The 4 event-limited SSR cards in this event will be split into 4 Shadows of Themis. Each male lead will have 1 individual Shadow of Themis.
- There will be a total of 4 Event Shadows of Themis in this event. Each Shadow of Themis contains one event-limited SSR card and 3 of the corresponding male lead's other SSR cards. The probability of drawing the event-limited SSR card is 1%. (The total probability of drawing SSR cards is 1.6%.)

- One event-limited SSR card is guaranteed within 100 Visions.
- The guaranteed count is shared among all 4 Shadows of Themis. Every Vision you draw from any of the "Secrets of the Tomb" Event Shadows of Themis will be included in the guaranteed pity count for one event-limited SSR per 100 Visions. Once you hit 100 Visions, you will obtain the event-limited SSR of the male lead whose Shadow of Themis you are currently drawing Visions from. Obtaining non-event-limited SSR cards will not reset the guaranteed count.
- The guaranteed count for this event Shadow of Themis will not carry over to any other events.

▌New "After Story" Feature
The "Secrets of the Tomb" event SSR cards will have the "After Story" feature, which is about what happens after the card's story ends. Attorneys can unlock "After Story" interactions after reading Story 6. These interactions include conversation topics and Intimate Interactions.

▌New Event Shadow of Themis Discount Feature
A new discounted Visions feature will be added in the "Secrets of the Tomb" Event Shadow of Themis. Attorneys can consume 8 "Tears of Themis - Limited" and/or "Tears of Themis - Sandsong" to draw 10 Visions at once. This discount can only be used 4 times, and is shared between all 4 Shadows of Themis.

▌New Cosmetics Shop
A new "Cosmetics" tab has been added to the Mall. From now on, Outfits, Invitations, Backgrounds, and other limited-time discounted cosmetics will be available in the Cosmetics Shop.

▌New Review Feature
After the event update, a new Review feature will be added. This enables Attorneys to complete debate levels quickly and save time while doing Tasks. The "Review" button will be unlocked after clearing a level for the first time. The Review function can be used on the following levels: Legal Studies, Anomaly Levels, and selected Event Levels (eg. Home Improvement). This feature will not affect the pre-existing Auto-Debate feature. The Rewards screen will also display a summary of what was obtained from each Review, so Attorneys can check their rewards more easily.

▌Headquarters Max Level Increased
After the update, the maximum level for NXX Headquarters will be increased from 16 to 20. The maximum Confidence Level of the Study Room will be increased to 100. The excess Headquarters EXP of Attorneys who have reached Headquarters Level 16 before the update will be used to level up NXX Headquarters, up to a maximum of Level 20. A new skill will also be added to the Study Room, requiring Confidence Level 50 to unlock. The skill's effect increases the Influence of all cards.

▌New Idle Power Saver Feature
After the update, a new "Idle Power Saving" feature will be added. Attorneys can proceed to "Settings" to activate it. When the game has been left idle for over 15 minutes, it will enter the Idle Power Saver state, which automatically lowers the mobile device's power usage.

▌Main Story SR Card added to Permanent Shadow of Themis
Artem SR "Choice" will be added to the Permanent Shadow of Themis after the update. Tears of Themis can be used to draw for this card.

▌New "Quick Analysis" Feature
The "Quick Analysis" feature will be added to the Headquarters File Room. When there are cases awaiting analysis in the File Room, Attorneys can tap one button to automatically assign cards to all available cases. This will save time and make it easier for Attorneys to perform Case Analysis without having to manually assign cards to each case.

▌New "Full Sign Reward"
After the update, when Attorneys complete Daily Sign-In for a full month, they will be able to claim a certain amount of S-Chips as the Full Sign Reward. Attorneys with Monthly Card privileges active can claim an extra bonus amount of S-Chips as their Monthly Card Full Sign Reward.
Attorneys who do not have Monthly Card privileges active can still claim the Monthly Card Full Sign Reward if they purchase the Monthly Card within the same day.

▌New "Daily Sign-In" Feature: Extra Sign-In
After the update, Attorneys can obtain Sign-In Slips by accumulating Activeness in Weekly Tasks. Sign-In Slips can be used for Extra Sign-In to make up for missed days in the monthly Sign-In. Each Extra Sign-In will consume Sign-In Slip ×1. Extra Sign-In will grant the basic Sign-In reward, which will not be affected by Fortune.
Missed Monthly Card Daily Sign-In rewards cannot be obtained via Extra Sign-In. Sign-In Slips will expire some time after they are obtained, and will be converted into Stellin at a rate of 1:1000.
※Attorneys who have already claimed their Weekly Tasks Activeness Rewards between 4/4 04:00 (UTC+9) and the 4/29 update may be unable to claim the newly-added Sign-In Slips. They will instead receive the corresponding amount of Sign-In Slips via the in-game Mailbox. The mail will be valid for 7 days.
※Sign-In Slips obtained between 04:00 on the Monday of each week and 03:59 on the following Monday (UTC+9) will expire on the Monday after that at 04:00 (UTC+9).