Server Update Details


Dear Attorneys,

The all-new version will soon be available! For a better experience in Stellis, the server will undergo maintenance on 2023/3/13 (Monday) from 12:00 (UTC+9) to 17:00 (UTC+9). Please restart the game after maintenance is complete. Attorneys can go to the corresponding app stores on 3/13 13:00 (UTC+9) to download the new game client. For Apple users, please take note of the app store notification. After the update, Attorneys will not be able to access the game through the client until maintenance ends. After maintenance ends, all Attorneys will receive S-Chip ×300. Please go to your in-game Mailbox to claim them after updating the client. The mail will be valid for 7 days.

Update Details:

▌New Fieldwork - Advanced Case Feature

After the update, the Reputation for Fieldwork will be upgraded, and Attorneys will be able to take on Advanced Cases. Attorneys who have attained Level 25 Basic Reputation in a specific region will unlock Advanced Cases in that region. Challenge Advanced Cases to level up Advanced Reputation, and unlock <Fresh Series> Outfits, S-Chips and other honorary rewards for free.

▌Main Story SR Card Added to Permanent Shadow of Themis

Vyn SR "Bustling Dream" will be added to Permanent Shadow of Themis after the update. Tears of Themis can be used to draw this card.

▌New Card Upgrade Material Added in Friendship Badge Exchange Shop

After the update, Logic Impression I, Empathy Impression I, and Intuition Impression I will be available in Friendship Badge Exchange Shop for exchange.

▌New Achievement Tasks

After the update, 30+ new tasks will be added to the ACHV system. Attorneys can view the newly added achievements and the corresponding rewards in the Task - Achievement interface.

Please take note of the new "Link Email" tasks under the Achievement Tasks system. To obtain the rewards, Attorneys must log in to the game again after email linking is complete.

▌New Review Selection Feature

After the update, Attorneys can select the number of reviews to perform in a debate level after tapping on Review.

▌New Invitation Random Display Feature

After the update, Attorneys can proceed to "Personal Info - Switch Invitation" interface to select the Invitations for random display, up to a maximum of 8 selections. Attorneys can also head to "Switch Invitation - Change Setting" to choose the switch frequency (Daily/Login) and switch method (In order/Random).

▌New Item Bulk Usage Feature

After the update, Attorneys can choose the number of Selection Star, Selection Chip, and Potential Chip to exchange after selecting the item. This makes it easier for Attorneys to exchange for different types and quantities of items at any one time.

▌New Starred Mail Feature

After the update, Attorneys can add a star to messages in their Mailbox and mark them as favorites. Starred mail will be sorted in order of their time of posting. Attorneys can also filter their normal mail and starred mail for easy navigation. Note that the maximum amount of mail that can be stored will be counted separately once this feature is available. The maximum number of starred mail that can be stored is 200.

▌New Playable Video Feature During Resource Download

After the update, Attorneys can watch event PVs when downloading resources. By default, the video will be played on vertical screen. Attorneys can switch to horizontal screen or close the video and return to the original loading screen.

▌New Archive - Puzzle Category

After the update, the new category "Puzzle" will be added to the Archive. Pictures from past puzzles will be moved from the "Illustration" category to the new "Puzzle" category. Attorneys can use a certain amount of S-Chips to unlock unowned puzzle pictures. Tap on a locked puzzle to check its corresponding available period. In addition, a new Puzzle Collection Progress will be added under the Personal Info segment. A new "How to Obtain" guide will also be available in "Archive - Illustration" for easy reference.

▌Optimized Furniture Collection Progress

After the update, the number of decorative furniture in a lounge set that is placed in the same position will be combined and counted as 1 piece. Furniture Collection Progress under Personal Info will also be optimized.

▌Improved Tears of Themis Display Position

After the update, Attorneys can check the number of Tears of Themis available in the "Inventory - Items" while staying on Shadow of Themis page.

▌Optimizing Material Acquisition Reminders

When Attorneys are performing multiple Reviews from the card evolution interface to obtain the materials needed, Reviews will end once the required amount of materials has been reached, and there will also be a new notification summarizing the amount of materials obtained. In addition, when Attorneys are heading to a level that isn't open on the day, a new indicator will be shown above the targeted level to help Attorneys locate it.

▌Optimizing Inventory Categories

A new "Collectibles" category will be added to the Inventory. Attorneys' Birthday Presents will be moved to the "Collectibles" category after the update.

▌Other Adjustments

- Improved ""How to Obtain"" guide for Upgrade materials.

- Fixed the abnormal display issue of the number of upgrade materials drops obtained during Anomaly levels. Normal acquisition of items is not affected.