Vyn's Birthday SSR "Fetters of the Past"


A glimpse into the distant past. A close companionship driven by love.
The heart that was once bound by the past now opens up to another.
The light casts its warm glow upon the two of you, while fragments of memories scatter like raindrops in the wind.
Two hearts share their most sincere wishes, and welcome a bright future together.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Vyn Richter.

A Wish in the Light Event-Limited SSR Cards Available with Rate-Up
Event Period: 2022/9/21 11:00 ~ 2022/10/1 04:00 (UTC+9)
During the event, Tears of Themis can be used to draw cards from the "A Wish in the Light" event Shadow of Themis. You will receive Trace of Tears ×1 with every draw.
-Event card: Draw rate increased for Vyn's Birthday SSR "Fetters of the Past." The rate-up SSR is guaranteed within 90 draws.
-Other cards: Vyn SSR cards "Between Good and Evil," "Medieval Suspense," and "Near and Far."

※Advice from DAVIS
-When you have obtained the rate-up SSR card, the guaranteed count will be reset.
-The "rate-up SSR card within every 90 draws" guaranteed count will be carried forward to the next birthday event.