Birthday System Updates


Special birthday surprises for a romantic occasion together.
On 2022/10/13 00:00(UTC+9), the Birthday System will be updated and new stories with voiceovers will be available!

Birthday System Updates
-Finish setting up your Birthday in the Personal Info section to unlock new content in the Birthday System
-Log in on your birthday and a "Birthday Surprise" icon will appear on the right side of the main screen. Tap it to select the male lead to spend your birthday with. You will receive a birthday surprise and an exclusive birthday present prepared by him (male leads can be repeatedly selected).
-You can receive a total of 4 birthday presents. Each present contains the following: Tears of Themis ×1, Energy Drink Family Pack ×1, and skill level-up material for the respective male lead.

※Advice from DAVIS:
1. After setting your Birthday in the Personal Info section, you can only use Birthday Encryption Key to change it.
2. We would like to give every Attorney a chance to experience the brand-new birthday blessing system. From 2022/10/13 00:00(UTC+9) to 2022/12/31 23:59 (UTC+9), all Attorneys will receive Birthday Encryption Key ×2 in your in-game mailbox upon logging in. You can use them to modify your Birthday settings to experience the new Birthday System content, before changing it back to your actual birthday.
3. The birthday blessings you received by logging into the game on your birthday can be replayed in the "Birthday Surprise" page. Players who did not log in on the day of their birthday or did not view the Birthday Surprises from the male leads may log in any time within the next 7 days to claim the birthday presents via the in-game mailbox. The mail will be valid for 30 days.
4. "Birthday Surprise" will end at 00:00 (UTC+9) on the following day. Birthday presents can be opened by tapping "Inventory - Consumables." The gift box will remain in the Inventory after opening.
5. Birthday-exclusive presents can only be claimed once per year. Attorneys who are born on 2/29 will be able to access their "Birthday Surprise" on 2/28 during common years (non-leap years).